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Dear MIMsters: What Do You Do With A Husband That You Do Not Love Anymore

Dear MIMsters: What Do You Do With A Husband That You Do Not Love Anymore

I have been married for over 2 years and it has been from one problem to another with credit to my hubby. I don’t love him anymore but I don’t know what to do.

I work in a federal parastatal. I’ve been praying and supporting him financially until when I recently discovered he’s been lying and extorting from me all these while.

He lied about having a Bsc in Engineering, while he was just an apprentice. He removed our house rents and other people’s money I had from my account and moved to Canada. He sent me a text saying that our marriage was over, and that I should find my way.

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This dragged me into loans and gave me ulcers as I couldn’t feed well. Been struggling alone to take care of our toddler without any support from his family.

Now, he’s back after abandoning us for 8 months, saying that he didn’t know what he did and how he spent all that money. Meanwhile, before he left, I saw a text message on his phone in which he swore to love a woman for ever and would never leave her. I confronted him but he said, it was just for business. I believed him because I saw him as a fire brand and tongue speaking husband.

I’ve been through hell these months because all of my salary has been used to service the debts that he put me into and I have been paying the house rents shouldering my family’s responsibilities all alone.

I became depressed until God raised a helper (my FB friend) who is a married man working in oil company. He assists me financially every month.

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Hubby returned recently and my elder brother said I should take him back because nobody is above mistake. But I’m very aggressive and bitter as he has made no serious effort to start up something quickly and start helping me reduce my burden. Instead, he will buy food or fries and eat when he’s back at night while I beg people to feed.

So yesterday, he got violent with him after I told him to pack and move out of the house. I said he won’t be living in the house I rented,while he will eats and leaves us to starve us.

He has anger issues.

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He angrily sent a message to my brother asking him for a date to end this sham because I am frustrating him and my brother obliged.

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He became remorseful, crying and begging me. I told him that the matter is now in my brother’s hands. He then took a belt to hang himself. I had to tell him that I will call my brother to cancel jus to avoid him committing suicide in my house.

He knows his parents are angry over what he did to me and is also afraid they might expose his lies about having a Bsc in Engineering to my brother which he knows will make my brother return my bride price.

I am a health professional with the intention of moving to the UK next year for work but I don’t want to carry him alone because I no longer trust him and I don’t love him anymore.

I’m 32, he’s 34. I need your advice.

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