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Dear MIMsters: Am I Just Overreacting Or Am I Making The Right Decision With My Marriage?

Dear MIMsters: Am I Just Overreacting Or Am I Making The Right Decision With My Marriage?

Am I overreacting or am I making the right decision with my marriage?

My husband cheats. He wants me to accept and live with it.

I work and contribute my income to run the house. Sometimes, we share the bills 50/50.

My major problem is he doesn’t care for me, this man can keep malice for a year. Even if I catch me with his side chick, he’ll never apologize. I will still be the one to beg and beg until we settle.

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He works in a different state and sometimes comes home after a month or two. When I call to check on him, most times, he won’t pick. If I call his number more than twice, he’ll give me the insult of my life.

Recently, I had a baby. My pregnancy was a very difficult one. I was referred to a different hospital but my husband never cared. I bought the baby things my self.

The day I gave birth to this child, I almost died but God saved my life. That very day, he said a bike ran into his car and damaged it, meaning the innocent baby and I brought bad luck.

Mimsters, this guy practically abandoned me and the baby. I paid the hospital bills, got home, named the child and he never called. I still called to check on him, most of the time, he won’t pick and never called back.

He finally came home almost two months after the baby was born. I did everything within my power to make him comfortable. I dressed well, cooked, and made my self available.

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Two days later, he started keeping to himself and stopped talking to me. I asked him what I did wrong, he refused talking to me. I left him alone but continued doing my duties as a wife.

On the seventh day, I saw a chat between him and one of his girlfriends. I couldn’t hold my anger, so, I confronted him and he almost beat me up with my baby.

Honestly, I am tired of this kind of life. I have prayed enough. I am not even looking bad as a woman. I work and also contribute to the house, yet he makes me feel less of a woman. I am tired of apologizing for what I did not do.
I am tired of begging.

I have asked him for a divorce already which is not a bad idea to him but he has asked me to move out of the house. Mimsters, we just moved into this house and I spent over 500k as my contribution to it. Now, I am begging him to allow me to stay in the house since he is not working here. I don’t have any money now because I took a loan to clear the hospital bill.

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Please advise me, am I making this right decision? Honestly, I am down emotionally and very depressed. I can’t cope anymore. Please don’t tell me to pray. I am a prayer warrior I can even go on three days of dry fasting. Am I overreacting or am I making the right decision?

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  • I don’t think he has any right to drive you out of your matrimonial home. Please talk to your lawyer for advice. By the time you finish with him, he will be begging you. Make sure you get a good lawyer.
    May God help you

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