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Journalist Gives Interesting Reason He Still Does The Dishes In His House Despite Having Three Wives

Journalist Gives Interesting Reason He Still Does The Dishes In His House Despite Having Three Wives

A polygamous man identified as Bilal Abdul Kareem has explained his reason for doing the dishes in his house, despite having three wives.

Posting a photo of him in the Kitchen, the journalist based in Syria said that many people do not realize the responsibilities and intricacies of being the head of the house in a polygamous home.

The polygamist said that it goes beyond just bossing everyone around and entails that he is in service to all of them. He explained that there is a division of labour, whilst the women take care of the kids, he washes the dishes.

Bilal shared a photo of him doing the dishes and also noted that he is following in the footsteps of Prophet Mohammed who he said was in service to his three queens.

He wrote:

”Some people think 3 wives is all about sex & being the boss. Being the leader of a large family means that I’m in service to them. Just as Prophet Muhammad was in service to his family. If my 3 Queens can take care of the kids every day then I can wash some dishes sometimes too.”

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A Twitter user @thasinS questioned his thought process and said he is giving the impression that washing plates or taking care of the kids is the sole duty of a woman.

He said;

“For starters, why do you think dishwashing or caring of your own children is the wife’s job? You seem to be portraying as if you are doing her a favor when it is your equal responsibility as a father and husband.”

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In response, @BilalKareem said;

“This is the way I see it: We have specific roles but we can help each other out when we can. For example, if there is no money or food in the house I’m not going to look at her and say, “It’s your fault!”, because it’s not. It would be my fault.”

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