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Toddler tortured by wicked nanny survives

By James Scott According to the Ugandan  Investigator: Following reports that the two-year old baby seen in a video being tortured by a maid has passed on, we went down to work. And our investigations led us to the identity of the maid, her victim and her master. Read on. The two year-old is seen terribly tortured by a maid we have ably identified as Jolly Tumuhiirwe, 22, a born

6 Steps To Get Your Child To Stop Whinning

By Amy Morin Whining can be a common behavior problem in children of almost any age. It can be extremely annoying. Without appropriate intervention, it can actually get worse. Take steps to curb whining and prevent it from becoming a bad habit for your child. 1. Establish a Household Rule about Whining I often have children come into my therapy office who begin to whine when I tell them we

Amazing: 15-year-old who earns £14,000 through ‘black market’ in school

A schoolboy, Tommie Rose, 15, has been threatened with suspension after raking in £14,000 to pay for his university fees by selling chocolate, crisps and fizzy drinks to pupils at Buile Hill High School, Salford. The budding businessman has even employed two mates to help run his business, paying them a princely £5.50 a day but the head teacher at his school is obviously not impressed, Mirror UK reports. The school

Watch: Man repeatedly hits a woman with a huge chunk of stick

Man is seen using a large plank to hit a woman repeatedly all over body in what looks like an uncompleted building in this video. Though the relationship between the attacker and the victim is not clear, the cries of a child could be heard somewhere in the background. We hope this video helps to send home the message that women should flee from an environment of domestic violence. Share

Saudi man divorces wife after ignoring his Whatsapp messages

A Saudi man, Manama, has divorced his wife of two years after she ignored his Whatsapp messages despite being an avid smartphone user, gulfnews reports. The husband, in his 30’s, was frustrated by his wife’s seemingly endless interest in using her phone for chatting with friends and family. He said she spent most of her time on the phone to the point that she neglected looking after their home and taking care of

“My wife takes on the ‘lion’s share’ of responsibilities”- Ben Affleck

Before receiving his award at the Save the Children Illumination Gala, 42-year-old actor, Ben Affleck, praised his wife, Jennifer Garner and added that he’s grateful his wife takes on the “lion’s share” of responsibilities, dedicating her time to raising their three young children, while maintaining her career and charity work. “She’s been really smart about choosing her projects, doing ‘Dallas Buyers Club’ or ‘Alexander and the Terrible Day,’ smart, good movies that

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6 studies find that obese kids do worse at school than others

Mail Online reports; Its damage to health is well known but obesity could take a heavy toll on a child’s grades. At least six studies have found that boys and girls who are dangerously overweight do worse at school than others – with girls particularly vulnerable. Researcher Anne Martin said


Nursing Mum: 5 Tips on Boosting Your Milk Supply

By Ndidi Adekunle All experienced mothers have learnt that the size of a woman’s ‘mammary glands’ does not necessarily guarantee a good volume of milk supply. Boosting the quantity of milk supply then becomes an art to be learned as most healthy mums long to feed their babies the most