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Revealed: Femi Kuti carries out DNA test on his kids. Finds out 2 of them are not his.

Via Osun Defender Afrobeat legend Femi Kuti has revealed that two of his five children are not his – a surprising detail about his family that he was made aware of recently recently. According to the 52-year-old Femi Kuti, he found out after a DNA test was carried out that two of his five children – Dupe and Tosin – are not his. In an interview with Encomium, He said

How Do I Control My Kids?

By Ann Wolf I’ve always written my articles geared toward human resources, but having raised three kids who are now 26, 25 and 20 and are doing well in life, I look around at exasperated parents, I feel the need to pour out some of my look-back advice. Your child is not your friend My kids were not my friend until they were over 18. Many parents today speak to

Teenage uncle jumps in front of moving bus to save toddler twins

According to Mirror Online; a Super uncle Ethan Tait is the toast of his family after fearlessly risking his life to save his niece and nephew from being run over by a bus. The heroic teenager threw himself into the path of the moving bus in a double bid to save his family. The brave 17-year-old student first grabbed three-year-old niece Ruby after she stepped into the road – and

7 Ways To Discipline A Toddler Without Spanking

By Ndidi Adekunle This particular age group is known for endless energy, self-centredness, and stubbornness. Now, it’s not as though our ‘angels,’ particularly set out to be mean. Let’s just say they’re ‘testing their boundaries’ and are in the process of learning, by trial and error, social norms by which to relate in this vast world. In our part of the world, most techniques for toddler discipline revolve around either

Don’t be in denial about your child’s weight issues….read this!

Half of children have been classed as overweight before they leave primary school at 11, figures reveal. Major research tracking 13,000 youngsters found more than a third – 35 per cent – were overweight at the age of 11, including 20 per cent who were classed as obese. Researchers also identified a sharp rise in obesity rates between the ages of seven and 11 as parents begin to give children

Tragic: Toddler accidently shoots mum in the head

A tragic young army mother was shot dead by her three-year-old son as she changed her 10-month-old daughter’s nappy. The toddler is believed to have found a loaded semi-automatic handgun on a table and accidentally fired it at Christa Engles’ head as she tended to his baby sister. No one else was was home at the time. The 26-year-old U.S. Army Reserve specialist was found by the children’s grandmother when

3 Ways To Get Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

By Jessica Rector My son slept 10 hours at night starting about six weeks old. When he became almost seven months old, that all changed. He went to bed later and woke up two hours earlier. I was NOT a fan! But the biggest problem was he woke up several times throughout the night. When this happens, mama wakes up in the morning COMPLETELY exhausted. This went on for weeks.

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6 studies find that obese kids do worse at school than others

Mail Online reports; Its damage to health is well known but obesity could take a heavy toll on a child’s grades. At least six studies have found that boys and girls who are dangerously overweight do worse at school than others – with girls particularly vulnerable. Researcher Anne Martin said


12 Ways To Improve Your Worth As A Mum

By Pauline Rumm Lose Weight: If you must pile up the pounds, make sure it’s the one that has the picture of the Queen of England on it. The ones you’ve piled up on your hips, thighs, tummy and arms since your last baby are worthless. Make it a mission