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Man chops off manhood after being scorned by lover

  Does penis size really matter? According to the Mirror UK; A Macedonian man chopped off his penis and threw it in the bin after he was dumped by his girlfriend for his lack of bedroom skills. The man told medics he felt his small-sized penis was to blame for the split. And, he said, as it was useless he decided to cut it off. Oliver Ilic, 22, had called

6 Life Skill Disciplines You Should be Teaching Your Kids

By Amy Morin When deciding what type of discipline to use with kids, it’s important to look at the skills your discipline is teaching. One of the biggest discipline mistakes parents often make is that they only look at the short-term and don’t focus on the long-term goals. It’s essential that parents make sure their discipline is not only effective today but is teaching kids skills and instilling the values

Beyoncé & Jay Z Reportedly Renew Wedding Vows

There have been massive reports that all is not well in the music power couple’s paradise. Rumour mills had it their marriage was at the verge of collapse, especially following the elevator row between Jay Z and Bey’s sister, Solange. Now, fresh reports say Blue Ivy’s famous parents have renewed their marriage vows and may be considering moving to Paris. According to People, the pair have been seen house-hunting in

Dad-of-26 children to get £1,000 compensation after council failed to find him a bigger house

Can this happen in Nigeria? According to  Mirror, UK, a dad who has fathered 26 children by 15 different women is set to land a £1,000 compensation because his local council can’t give him a bigger house. Pensioner, Peter Rolfe, 64, has been living in a cramped house on the Isle of Wight with seven of his children for three years. He suffers from arthritis, diabetes and only one of his eyes

Meet Couple Who Have Been Married for 73 Years & Died Just 28 Hours Apart

Helen and Joe Auer’s love was so strong, not even the finality of death could keep them apart, people reports. Married for 73 years, Helen died at 94 in their home on October 15. Her husband, Joe, found her, kissed her and told her to call him home. 100 year old Joe died less than two days later, precisely, 28 hours after his wife’s death. In their 73 years together, the Auers’

Breast Cancer: 9 Things That Impact Your Risk

BY ESTHER CRAIN You’ve heard the statistics – that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer in her lifetime. But what that stat doesn’t tell you is that your risk of breast cancer is probably different from your best friend’s, your coworker’s, and even maybe your sister’s. So do you know your risk? Here are nine factors to keep in mind when assessing your own likelihood of

Kim Kardashian Says North Will Have to Work for What She Wants – Just Like She Did

Kimye’s 16-month-old princess may have been born with the silver spoon but her mum, who recently turned 34, is all for hard work. She says North will have to work to pay her bills as soon as she’s old enough to get a job. ES Magazine reports: Kim Kardashian says her daughter North will have to find a job and pay her own way when she is older — just like she did. The

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6 studies find that obese kids do worse at school than others

Mail Online reports; Its damage to health is well known but obesity could take a heavy toll on a child’s grades. At least six studies have found that boys and girls who are dangerously overweight do worse at school than others – with girls particularly vulnerable. Researcher Anne Martin said


8 Ways to Ditch the Mummy Guilt

By Chiomah Momah Mummy guilt is something we all get every now and then. In fact, a survey on a popular parenting resource website shows that about 94 percent of mothers feel guilty on a range of issues from feeling they are not good enough parents, feeding their babies formula