Student Nurse Who Secretly Had A Baby And Didn’t What People To Know Does The Unthinkable

throw baby

Mirror Online- A student nurse who kept her pregnancy hidden has been accused of killing her newborn son by throwing him off an eighth floor balcony after a secret birth. According to the report, Hao Li, a student at Hainan No. 2 Health School in Wuzhishan City in south China’s Hainan Province was arrested by

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Student Nurse Who Secretly Had A Baby And Didn’t What People To Know Does The Unthinkable

throw baby

Mirror Online- A student nurse who kept her pregnancy hidden has been accused of killing her newborn son by throwing him off an eighth floor balcony after a secret birth. According to the report, Hao Li, a student at Hainan No. 2 Health School in Wuzhishan City in south China’s Hainan Province was arrested by

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MIM rewards 10 Loyal Members With Cash Price Of 100k each


Do you know what today’s date is? Hahahaha….I got y’all!

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Moment Identical Triplets Walk Down The Aisle Same Day

3 bri

Mail Online – Triplets Rafaela, Rochele and Tagiane Bini share the same birthday, the same looks and tastes, and now – after marrying men who look strikingly similar – the same wedding anniversary too. The 29-year-old sisters, from Passo Fundo, southern Brazil, even wore the same wedding dress, as well as hair style and make

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Face Of Man Who Punched His Woman 15 Times In Front Of Her Children


This is the shocking moment a thug punched his partner 15 times ‘like a human punchbag’ in front of her three young children in a busy shopping centre lift. Jason Edwards, 36, cornered his partner in the lift at Westfield Shopping Centre in Shepherd’s Bush, west London, before launching an assault on her. The attack,

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STUDY: Earning Low Income Affects Children’s Brains

unnamed (14)

The American Register – According to a new research published by University of Southern California, poverty affects growth of children’s brain. Children who grow in affluent environment have bigger brains than the ones who live in poverty. Researchers and neuroscientists have worked together to record the brain images of 1,099 kids and teens between the

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STUDY: Low Sperm Count Caused By Pesticide

sperm egg

India Times: Researchers found those men that ate fruit and vegetables high in concentrations of pesticide had on average a 49 per cent lower sperm count. Pesticide residues on some fruits and vegetables could be harming men’s fertility, a study has claimed. Researchers found that men who consumed the most peppers, spinach, strawberries, apples and

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Bitter Mum Who Sought Revenge Against Son’s Father Does The Unthinkable

vengeful mum

A bitter mum has been jailed for 42 years for arranging the horrific murder of her young son to get revenge on the boy’s father, the Mirror Online reports. According to the media, the Mexican mother Karina Luna Sandoval, 26, accused the her ex-partner, Miguel Beltran, of ruining her life after abandoning her with their

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Dear MIM Readers: Why Is One Woman Trying So Hard To Break Something That God Brought Together?

shocked woman

I need help before I end my life and that of my three kids. Hear my story please. I’ve been married for 11 years and blessed with 3 kids and a wonderful husband. My husband had an affair with another woman when he went to work in another country. After seven months of same year,

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15 Kids By 10 Women And Counting: Meet UK’s Allegedly Most Irresponsible Father


A jobless man said to have fathered 15 children with 10 different women has revealed he has another baby on the way. It is estimated Keith MacDonald’s growing brood will end up costing taxpayers more than £2million in benefits. The 29-year-old, from Sunderland, is set to appear in a TV documentary tonight in which he

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Dakore Akande On The Set Of Moments With Mo


Actress and mum of 2, Dakore Akande rocks in a colour block dress by bibi for biba.

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5 Things You Should Never Do In A Marriage


By Mayra Bitsko Marriage is not always an easy institution — especially when couples choose to take a nonchalant attitude. Here are some issues, that frequently cause problems in marriages: Disrespecting your spouse Sometimes married couples believe name calling, cursing or raising a hand at each other is acceptable to get a point across or

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Couple Who Met On Twitter Are Now Married


Pulse NG- Nastassian Brandon is Lifestyle blogger who met Daniel Jose, a writer, on Twitter last year, and before long, they began a long distance relationship. The couple got married recently and of course, they shared their wedding pictures on Twitter. The bride wore a red dress with a red fascinator on her hair and

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Dad Left With Baby Just For A Night Gets Creative To Make Baby Sleep

sleep rocker

When it comes to getting your baby off to sleep every parent knows it’s no easy task. But one dad has created an ingenious solution to this age-old problem – and it involves a remote control truck. With mum out for the night, the new father realised he was going to have to get creative

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Photos: See What Mischief These Children Have Been Up To


Parents capture mischiefs and messes created by their dear children as documented by Anna Macfarlane’s instagram page. Anna Macfarlane, from Salt Lake City, Utah, started her Instagram account Kids Are The Worst in May 2014 for parents around the world to send in images of their children misbehaving. What mischief has your child been up

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Forget Genetical Mutation: Why Baby Born With Elephant Trunk Is Worshiped In India

Baby trunk

(ANI): A baby girl born with a ‘trunk’ has become the center of attraction in a village in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, as people are flocking to see her believing that she is an incarnation of Lord Ganesha. Born on Thursday, the child has a protuberance between her two eyes which people believe resembles the trunk

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Angelina Jolie Make Public Appearance Since Announcing Removal Of Ovaries

angelina nick

Brave Angelina Jolie made her first public appearance since she revealed she’d had surgery to have her ovaries and fallopian tubes removed as a preventative measure against cancer. The Maleficent star surprised fans by showing up with daughters Shiloh, 8, and Zahara, 10, at the 2015 Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Awards on Saturday night.

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How To Make Your Family’s Meal Plan


If you’re searching for ways to save money and time in the kitchen but still create nutritious meals each day, starting with a menu plan for weekly meals can help immensely. 1. Make a list of all the dishes your family enjoys. 2. Mark dishes that take considerably longer than 30 minutes to prepare, not

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Julius Agwu Celebrates Wife As She Turns 33


It’s Julius Agwu’s wife’s birthday today. The multi-talented took to his instagram page to show his wife some love on her birthday by writing, “Today I celebrate this amazing, gorgeous, graceful, one-in-a-million God’s gift to me. As u add another year today.., May Almighty GOD #add more Glorious years years to u” I n return, she

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Is This The Perfect Couple?


Not only for his date preferences, but for being the only man in the world who can lift four times, his body weight, four feet, four inches Anton Kraft who only dates women who are more than a foot taller than he is is classified as the strongest man in the world. 52-year-old Kraft is

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LOOK: Photos Of What ISIS Make Young Teenage Boys Do

ISIS kid

Islamic State’s children have taken centre stage in the latest propaganda video from the terror group purporting to show the apparent beheading of eight Syrians, Mail Online reports. Blindfolded and with their hands bound behind their backs, the captives are seen being led forward in a field by teenage boys.    

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Amber Rose And Wiz Khalifa Call A Truce For The Sake Of Their Son

Amber and wiz

Amber Rose and Wiz Khalifa have decided call off the on-going custody battle and bury the hatchet to co-parent their son. According to TMZ, you’ll recall Amber and Wiz were at each other’s throats, each calling the other a horrible parent and unfit to care for their 2-year-old son Sebastian. But a song changed Amber’s tune.

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Your Baby Watching TV: Harmful Or Useful?

baby watching tv

Is TV (and Video) really good for babies and infants under age 2? According to Dimitri Christakis of Children’s Hospital in Seattle and writer of the The Elephant in the Living Room: Make Television Work for Your Kids, while older children can learn from educational shows, no study has shown that babies benefit from watching

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Dr Sid’s Wife, Simi Throws Baby Shower In London

Tiwa baby-shower-1-

Dr Sid’s pregnant wife is expecting their first child. Just after Tiwa Savage was seen performing at gig in London alongside Flavour, she was also seen attending Dr Sid’s wife’s baby shower held yesterday, Sunday, March 29, 2015 at The Dorchester Hotel in London. Simi Osomo Esiri who is expecting her first child was wearing

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Wife Stabs Husband After A Disagreement Over Okra

wife stabs man

It is been reported that a woman allegedly drove a knife into her husband’s chest after a disagreement over okra. The reports that a friend of the family told Stella Dimoko Korkus, that the husband had returned home to find his wife cutting okra in their bedroom. He had then asked her to take

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Pregnant Tiwa Joins Flavour To Perform On Stage In London

tiwa flavour

Mavins recording artiste, Tiwa Savage is pregnant but this is not slowing her down. A few weeks ago she was seen performing at gig in East Africa, and yesterday, March 28, 2015 she was performing again on stage alongside Flavour at a concert in London. has again performed on the stage again after maintaining that

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See What Disappointed Groom Who Meets His Arranged ‘Ugly’ Bride For The First Time Tried To Do


A 33-year-old groom was met his bride for the first time in an arranged marriage was not impressed at all by her looks. So he tried to drown himself. Kang Hu claimed bride Na Sung, 30, would be “bad for his image” after he walked out of the ceremony and threw himself in a nearby

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What Mum Who Caught Man Perfroming Lewd Acts For Her Daughters To Watch Did


A mum took matters into her hands when she discovered a man performing sex acts right across her daughter’s window for her to watch by filming him and posting the footage online. According to the Mirror UK, the mum, from Argentina, was furious when she spotted the man from the window of her oldest daughter

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Difference Between Baby Mama And Mother Of One’s Child As Explained By Swanky Jerry


Nigerian celebrity stylist, Jeremiah Ogbodo took to his instagram page to explain the difference between a ‘baby mama’ and ‘mother of your child’. Do you agree with him?

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Meet Boy Whose Head Won’t Stop Growing


Parents of a three-year-old boy whose head continues to grow out of proportion have made a desperate plea to members of the general public for funds to save his life through surgery. According to Mail Online, Cao Pengwei was diagnosed with hydrocephalus – where fluids build up in the brain’s chamber – when he was

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Identical Twins Who Murdered Their Own Mum Sentenced To Jail


Four years after brutally murdering their mother, 20 year-old identical twin sisters have been sentenced to 30 years in jail after admitting to the brutal murder of their mother. Mail Online UK reports; Jasmiyah and Tasmiyah Whitehead were 16 when they stabbed their mother, Jarmecca Whitehead, 34, so violently that they severed her spinal cord.

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Waje’s Daughter Turns 16: Recounts Her Delivery Day

Picture 11

One of Nigeria’s thriving musician Waje took to her instagram page to celebrate her daughter, Emerald’s birthday as she turned, 16 today, March 28th. She posted a picture (above) and recounted her delivery day. Read on… I had gone to the hospital earlier but the doctor said my due date was April 4th so my

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Motherly Love As Elephant Tries To Rescue Baby From Muddy Hole For More Than 11 Hours


Elephant shows motherly love as she desperately tried to pull her baby from a well after, staying by their side for 11 hours. According to the Daily Mail UK, the determined mum refused to leave her calf, first using her trunk and then her feet in a bid to haul her precious baby to safety.

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Why This Mum’s Bikini Body Photo Went Viral


Rachel Hollis, mum of 3 uploaded a picture of herself on a beach wearing bikini to her Facebook page to inspire mums flaunt their motherhood scars. In no time, it had enjoyed over 300,000 likes, which she never bargained for. The reason for the incredible response is because of the powerful caption she gave the

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Mum Confesses To Killing Her Children And Guess Where She Hid Their Bodies

killer mom

A mum has reportedly confessed to killing two of her young children and hiding their bodies in a freezer, the Mirror UK reports. Mitchelle Blair, 35, is alleged to have killed 9-year-old Stephen Gage Berry and 13-year-old Stoni Ann Blair after subjecting them to horrifying abuse. She has been charged with five child abuse-related offences

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When To Call The Doctor Or Apply First Aid If Your Child Has An Accident

mum and sick daughter

Take your child to the hospital if they; stop breathing are struggling for breath (for example, you may notice sucking in under the ribcage) are unconscious or seems unaware of what’s going on won’t wake up have a fit for the first time, even if they seem to recover have a fever and are persistently lethargic

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