Dear MIMsters: I Wish To Be Like My Mum, Will a Relationship With This Guy Make That Happen

I’m here because I need some motherly advise.  I’m a 21 year-old and four months and I’m still a virgin. My Dad has always told me that my mum was a virgin when he married her and my mum said she only dated my dad and married him, though she had other suitors coming. And I wish to be like my mum.

I promised myself I’m going to remain a virgin, date and marry only one man. And I’ve been putting it in prayers that God should please help me say Yes to the right pers. I am still single though I’ve had guys ask me. I don’t like anyone of them to the extent of saying yes to them.

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Three months ago, I met a guy. Immediately I saw him, I liked his height and stature. And I was like wow, if only I could get married to a guy like him. Then he stopped me and asked me for my contact which I gave him.

Last month, we began talking on the phone and on Sunday, we went on our first date. During our conversation, he talked about sex, the people he banged, the threesomes he’s had, the girl he’s banged, how they bled and how he can do the job well. He told me that he would have loved to date me, as he really likes me and would polish me to his standard.

To me, he just read out his C.V to me. He further said that getting pregnant is not a problem to him as he can foot the bills. I asked him why he was telling me all these things and he said nothing. I also didn’t tell him anything about me. I just told him that I already have a boyfriend which wasn’t true but I kind of like him and he said he will continue asking me out.

Now I’m confused, I wouldn’t want to start a journey I can’t finish.. He said he doesn’t like virgins and from wants us to start having sex if we end up dating.

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My question is should date him for a try and make him see reasons with me? The thing is I like him, not just for what he can do for me (I’ve been asked out by guys who were richer). Or should I just pull out now since it’s still early? I’ll be reading your comments. Thank you.

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“Dear MIMsters: I Wish To Be Like My Mum, Will a Relationship With This Guy Make That Happen”
  • Young lady don’t even see him again . If you date him, he is going to use you and dump you . Running away from that guy

  • I kind of, don’t get it, why you would want to consider dating that kind of guy? You are not even afraid of STD, because that guy sleeps around; the threesome and the rest. Please, don’t consider that guy, is not good for you. Wish you a better guy.

  • Please run as fast as you can ! That is not a godly relationship , he is out to ruin you. The scripture tells us that bad company corrupts good manners.He will corrupt you, you cannot make him change. Your feelings will fade, trust me. Girls go through this ,always .You will meet a good man
    Pray for it ,go close to God , it is him that blesses with the right spouse. Don’t ever be in closed doors with him too.
    Well done for keeping your self pure , let your priority be keeping yourself pure for God And not husband and God will bless you with a man who will appreciate it. I wish you well.

  • Are you okay sweets? Please try and be okay for your future abeg. That guy will play you and leave you in a mess. Please don’t turn to prayer warrior, most of us that are one made terrible mistakes in the past that made us turn into this fire we have become. Run for your dear life and preserve your precious destiny. Premarital sex is a high way to Destiny destruction.

  • Run as if you are on marathon, run as if you are running race for your country, run as if thats the last option you have, run without looking back, run and block all his contact with you. run from that devil that confess his mission for you, run, run, run before you come back here and tell us another heartbreaking super story.

  • My dear, please borrow leg and run away from that guy. In fact delete his phone number and close every communication line. He will never appreciate your virtue. Please wait for the man that will feel blessed to have you. God bless you.

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