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US-Based Feminist, Laila Mickelwait, Wants The World To See Rape Beyond Its Present Scope

US-based feminist, Laila Mickelwait, is of the opinion that prostitution is paid rape, her logic argues that if they had financial power; women who prostitute would completely resist the idea of having casual sex with random men. READ ALSO: See Why Prostitutes

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Twitter User, @tillytate20, Says She Fakes Being Married To Survive Patriarchy

There is an unmistakable rise in the clamour for equal opportunities for women by Nigerian feminists in recent times. Although most of their agitations have turned out for many Nigerians to be a sort of culture-shock; still these subjects must

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Nigerian Woman, Abimbola, Narrates How She Won Against Patrirachy

A Nigerian woman, Abimbola,  has narrated what her boss did when a male colleague asked her to serve refreshments following a management meeting simply because she’s female. READ ALSO: Nigerian Man, Kayode Ani Opens A ‘Can Of Worms’ On Women &

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