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Saudi Arabia Makes Giant Leap In The Protection Of Juvenile Rights

Saudi Arabia is ending the death penalty for crimes committed by minors, the kingdom’s Human Rights Commission has announced. Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has ordered an end to the death penalty for crimes committed by minors, according to a statement

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Coronavirus: Saudi Arabia Bans Pilgrims From Visiting

Coronavirus remains a growing world health concern and every country is doing what it can to keep the deadly virus at bay. In the same vein, The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has now banned religious pilgrims from visiting Mecca or

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Saudi Arabia Ends Gender-segregated Entrances In Restaurants

The gender-segregated in public places for decades has been put to an end by the Saudi Arabian government. According to, restaurants and cafes in Saudi Arabia are no longer required to have gender-segregated entrances, officials said, in a further

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BREAKING: Nigerian Government Secures Release Of Girl Facing Execution, Zainab Aliyu, From Saudi Detention

There is good news after the unfortunate encounter of the Nigerian student, Zainab Aliyu, who has been detained in Saudi Arabia since December 26, on suspicion that she is a drug trafficker. The detained woman faced execution by the Saudi

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President Buhari Moves To Save The Neck Of Young Woman, Zainab Aliyu, Facing Execution In Saudi Arabia After Her Luggage Was Compromised By Airport Staff

A young Nigerian lady, Zainab Aliyu, is in a slippery situation and has been in the news for over a week now, with death hanging over her like an axe. Zainab’s plight began with her arrest at Saudi Arabia where

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King of Saudi Set to Make Life Better for Women as He Passes New Gender-Friendly Law

Saudi King,  Salman Al-Saud passed a law yesterday, allowing women to apply for services without the approval of their guardians. The guardians could be the fathers, brothers, husbands, sons or any other male relatives. The current law on ground in the state stipulates

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New Dad Reportedly Shoots Male Doctor for Delivering Wife of Their Baby

A new dad in Saudi Arabia reportedly shot a male doctor after he helped deliver his wife of their baby at the King Fahad Medical City in Riyadh a month ago and fled the scene. According to reports, the man

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Saudi Women to Face Jail Time & Flogging For Checking Husband’s Phone without Permission

In Saudi Arabia, it has become an offence for a wife to check her husband’s phone without his permission. According to, a new law has been enacted in Saudi Arabia against women who check their husband’s phone without his permission,

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