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Dear MIMsters: Newlywed But We are Already Having Big Issues

Dear MIMsters: Newlywed But We are Already Having Big Issues

I need advice on this issue as I am not sure if traveling for a while can help my situation. My husband and I are newlywed.

I got married 3 months ago to my husband whom I love so much. Before we got married, we have always had our short comings which I saw. But I said to myself, since he’s faithful and hardworking, I think I can stay and work this out.

I have a two-year old baby from a previous relationship which he knows about.

Now, my problem with my husband is that even though he claims to love me very much, he does not do things that shows he loves me. My 3-months stay in the house has not been enjoyable because we always have issue to sort or solve.

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He is always looking out for when I make mistakes so he can correct me harshly. He says he wants a perfect wife and wants to change me from who I am to become what I am not. Lately, he complained about his laundry.

He’s the type who saves more than he spends and so has very few clothes. Normally, I wash every Thursday but due to my pregnancy, I take my time to do the house chores. He doesn’t help me do anything as a pregnant wife.

Infact, even those little things he needs to do as a man, he does not do them because he believes I am there to take care of everything. Yet, he complains I’m not doing them well. He shows me no appreciation.

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He does not show concern for me or the baby but he wants me to be that respectful wife, when he acts in a way that deserves no respect. Whenever we quarrel, he will say it’s not too late for me to quit.

No he’s told me to go to my parent’s for holiday, not minding, my pregnancy is delicate at this time. He just doesn’t care and it’s making cry every night.

He’s a nice man who does not have time for other women as he’s always into his business which we run together. My dream for life is to be the best wife but he’s not helping to bring out the best in me.

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I am just so worried as I am beginning to think that he married me to be his maid. What should I do? I really want to travel to my parents but first, I want him to know that I am really doing my best. The whole thing is eating me up.

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  • This whole thing is annoying me, why is he acting stupid and childish? Women should stop this house wife thing to stop being at anyone’s mercy.

  • Please stop doing anything and let’s see what he will say then. Why is he acting so silly? Like you are not carrying his baby mtschew.

  • sit him down and talk to him. do ur best and leave the rest to God. Remain to be d good wife.

  • I will tell u d truth. U complain alot and expect too much. It’s simple, u are pregnant I knw, do what u can and leave the rest for latter. He is not wrong for grooming u to his preference. At least u knw what he wants. Marriage isn’t 50 50.dont done fooled by feminists. Look at Bible principles and walk by them. Thank u

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