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Dear MIMsters: HELP! See How My Mother’s Sons are Dying One After the Other

Dear MIMsters: HELP! See How My Mother’s Sons are Dying One After the Other

Help! I don’t even know where or how to start but let me summarize everything. I am a product of a broken home. (I don’t discuss this ever like my friends in school don’t even know). 
We use to be four children, three sons and a girl (me). But just before our eldest son could get into the university, he had a little health challenge and he died.
Barely a year after, the second son started exhibiting signs of mental illness and became violent, etc.
My father’s people (they hate my mother and most of them are diabolical too but my dad would never believe). They disturbed my parents to take him home for herbal medication
My mom being a devote Christian refused, we agreed we were going to go for family deliverance in the village…They all accepted.
After the prayers,we were set to go home the next day but they refused. That said that we must leave that my brother there in the village so he can receive native attention. That he’s destroying their brother’s (my father) properties back in the city.
They overpowered my mother (my father doesn’t talk much). So she agreed. Two days later, my mom returned from the bathroom to find him dead. They had poisoned him.
My mom almost ran mad. It took the grace of God to restore her calmness.
Barely a year after, my mother’s second son died while my daddy brought another woman home. He told my mother to leave, that he was not marrying her anymore. Just like that. I think that was in 2013.
We are learning to deal with everything though the trauma is crazy.
Now, the main issues is my mother doesn’t live with us anymore. She lives and works in our village and has been hypertensive due to everything she has passed through.
My immediate elder brother and I are her only survivors. While I’m already in the university, he is yet to gain admission.
I returned few days back from vacation to find him looking SCARY. His eyes looked abnormal and he acts very strange and violent like someone about to run mad. This is so unlike him.
All my brothers were calm, very gentle and pampered (ajebutter).
A woman in the compound called me yesterday night that I should look into my brother’s case that he has been acting strange.
I have been crying and I don’t know what to do. I cannot even talk to my father about it, neither can I talk to my mom about it. (I’m scared she’d die).
I don’t have any friendly relative anywhere. Please I need the Mothers in the house to pray for him please. He is my mother’s only surviving son. Her only hope in this bleak world
I know if they pray God is merciful enough to hear. I need my brother to go back to normal please????????????
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  • Father you are the help of the helpless and the greatest physician, stretch your mighty hands upon your son and heal him of anything the devil has inflicted on him. There shall be testimony from this home in Jesus name.

  • Pray and study God’s word are you born again if yes speak in tongues get for or any faith inspiring material that you and your brother can watch learn to worship God and praise Him ,look away from the situation and look into Jesus above all you must have faith and not fear because the bible says looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith and without faith its impossible to please God ,when you do all of these you will surely come back with a testimony

  • As you pray, please take him to a Psychiatrist immediately. Fight the devil both ways.

  • Please consistently read and pray with psalm 23, 91 and Isaiah 53:5 for both of you. He is delivered in Jesus name! And God will prove himself strong in your family. Jesus loves you, He cares!

  • Its well dear. Our father in heaven,i thank you for what you are about to do in the life of this young man, thank you for your healing power that is already at work right now. You spirit of madness,you evil spirit from the pit of hell,i command you in the name of Jesus Christ LOOSE YOUR HOLD right now from this young man. If any man is involved in this matter,witches or wizards,i command your manipulations to cease right now in Tge Mighty name of Jesus Christ.,Amen. Dear sis,i don’t know where u are based but if possible i’d like to refer u to a man of God,he is an expert in such case as this. JEREMIAH AFAM MBAH OF GODS GENERAL’S WORLD ASSEMBLY,LOCATED AT NKPORAANAMBRA STATE.. GOD BLESS YOU

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