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Twitter User, Katherine Johnson Comes Hard On Men Who Put Their Wives Through The Rigours Of Family Planning When They Can Go For Vasectomy

Why is family planning all about the woman’s body? A twitter user asks. Katherine Johnson is furious that men never consider getting vasectomy when they want to do family planning with their wives. From growing the baby in the womb during

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Medical Experts Identify One Of The Safest & Surest Ways Couples Can Prevent Unwanted Pregnancies & Why Men Avoid It Like A Plague

A latest research has shown that medical practitioners in the area of fertility control have found vasectomy to be one of the safest ways couples can prevent unwanted pregnancies. Vasectomy is a surgical procedure for male sterilization or permanent contraception.

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John Cena’s Vow to Undo Vasectomy Shows How Far a Man Can Go For the Woman He Loves

John Cena who had a vasectomy is ready to start a family. The wrestler agreed to make a life-changing decision to save his relationship with Nikki Bella in the midseason finale of E!’s Total Bellas. The couple split in April just weeks before what

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Couple Who Are Mistaken for Father & Daughter Due to 26 Year Age Gap Welcome ‘Miracle’ Baby

A couple with a 26-year age gap are celebrating the birth of their miracle baby – despite strangers assuming they’re father and daughter. Sarah Leigh-Bergin from Nantwich, UK first met Mike at the time she was 19 and he was

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