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Gospel Artiste Obiwon Shares Powerful Tips for Successful Marriage on Wedding Anniversary

Gospel Artiste Obiwon Shares Powerful Tips for Successful Marriage on Wedding Anniversary
Nigerian gospel artiste Obiwon, and his wife Nkechi celebrated their 6th wedding anniversary yesterday, 22nd of October.
The excited husband and father of two kids took to his Instagram page to celebrate his woman with a heartfelt note, sharing lovely photos of them and offering tips on marriage.

He wrote:

”There are things in life that all the money in the world can’t buy – life, health, protection, a sweet marriage – my wife is one of the greatest gifts God gave me. To look forward to coming home everyday to unconditional support, love, joy, peace is priceless. It’s purely divine favour.

Of course we don’t always agree on everything, every time. Today on our 6th anniversary I thought to share the little I know, perhaps it’ll help someone.

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If you’re not yet married ask God for a humble person. Love doesn’t work without humility, on both sides. Humility in marriage is the saliva with which you swallow offence. Pray that you both’ll always submit to each other for the sake of your love. Beauty is only skin deep. .

If you’re a christian seeking to marry a christian, don’t look for “gifts, anointing, talent, serves in church”. To identify a “marryable” christian, look for “fruits”, from the fruit of the Holy Spirit.

Marriage does not cure lust, the best sex in the world will not automatically remove all attraction from your bones. Lust is of the flesh, it is the Holy Spirit that puts the flesh under.

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Your spouse can deeply satisfy you sexually, this is a gift, but you must keep treating anything lustful outside your spouse with a very long spoon. Let he that thinks he stands take heed lest he fall. .

As food makes the body grow & healthy, so does sex make your marriage grow & very healthy. If your partner is not in the mood don’t be selfish, it’ll only create problems. Rather woo him/her always. .

Tackle the issue causing the disagreement, not your partner. If you always make this distinction your home will be constantly filled with joy.

Your understanding won’t always be aligned. At times one person will be doing the sacrificing and bending more than the other. When it is your turn, humbly do it, while praying for your partner’s eyes to be opened.

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Do I need to tell you that a 3-fold cord is not easily broken? If you and partner take orders and solutions to issues only from Jesus, before you act or react, nothing will ever come between you.

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The Lord Jesus bless you with a marriage you will enjoy, not endure, keeping you both alive to enjoy it. Amen.”

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See lovely photos of the couple…

Congratulations to them!

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