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Adeniyi & Omolola Kufile Share On Their Over 11-Year Marriage, Parenting & More

Adeniyi Kufile, a top shot in a Manufacturing company, met his sweetheart, Omolola, a Corporate and Agency Sales Accounts Manager with Virgin Atlantic Airways, during her first year at the University, and they got married in 2005. The lovely couple

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6 Important Questions To Ask Yourself Before Starting A Family

Are you a newly-wed or just caught the baby fever? While starting a family is usually a dream come true, here are a few important questions to ask yourself before taking the plunge to assess how ready you are for

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See Why Bishop Advises Couples Not To Make Love Between 12 a.m & 3 a.m

A Twitter user Boakye Mensah Ohene has sparked controversy online after he shared some tweets revealing what his Ghanaian Bishop told him. He says his Bishop says couples shouldn’t make love between the hours of 12am and 3am else angels that

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Marriage: 3 Couples Share Tips to Fight Less & Love More

Marriage should create life-long companionship while bringing out the best in both individuals. However, today, strife and bitterness is fast becoming a norm. How can couples stay in love, limit frictions and stay afloat in this ship called marriage? Three

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Top Mistakes That May Utterly Destroy Your Marriage (Part 2)

Oluwatoyin Osaigbovo & Chiomah Momah Continued from Part 1. 7. DEPRIVING EACH OTHER OF NECESSITIES It is almost instinctive for anyone to look for their necessities wherever they can get it. This makes this a major mistake. The bible says

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Family Finance: Common Mistakes You Should Avoid During This Economic Recession

Chiomah Momah Money is often a big issue in most marriages and the current economic recession can make things even worse. To boost your family’s financial health in these difficult times, here are common finance mistakes most couples make that you

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3 Ways Children Can Cope With Their Parents’ Divorce

Everyone wants a happy home and children especially love it when their parents are together. However, some things may not always work out the way we want them to and circumstances may force parents to get a divorce. Here are

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15 Simple Ways to Nurture Your Marriage (Part 2)

Chiomah Momah To be a successful wife or husband, you must keep on educating yourself on how to make your marriage stronger and better. In view of this, previously, we shared 7 simple things every couple should do to nurture

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4 Ways You’re Probably Cheating On Your Spouse Without Realizing It

Sexual infidelity is said to be the ultimate betrayal, however, there are several other ways you may be cheating on your beloved spouse without even realizing or paying any attention to it. Like sexual infidelity, these may also have adverse

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